Can you guess if the poetry sample was written by a person?

last communion in the same periodical a much enlarged and altered transcript three months after the other does that his grave,
comes so far she scarcely heard when he comes of sunless dry geraniums and dust the worm and here on our own cognizance of the sea and land so lightly and roll back down the holy evangelists ? jac aside is there nothing else that we may as well those cities myself all islands to which it conveys,
does it rot,
although they melt and sag,
they came upon material things --
than they i swear i think i know not this certain taint of sadness is inseparably connected with all regret o death o western orb,
and made the hurry plain we wondered at our blindness,
to science science true daughter of the world --
here i am apple orchard my apple trees coupled by branches intertwined and,